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Autor: Alcott Louisa May
Nakladatel: ALMA
EAN: 9781847498748
Žánr: Cizojazyčná beletrie
Rok vydání:
Stav: Na dotaz
Běžná cena: 99 Kč

Three years have passed since the events narrated in Little Women, and the four March sisters are approaching adulthood, with all its accompanying challenges and expectations. Meg is preparing for her wedding, Beth continues to struggle with her health, Jo is more than ever devoting herself to literature and Amy is about to go on a tour of Europe with her aunt. Their experiences, hopes and ambitions are set in counterpoint to each other, until the whole family is brought together by tragedy and misfortune. Following on the immediate commercial success of Little Women, Good Wives completes the story of the March sisters and their friend Laurie, and is, together with its prequel, Louisa May Alcott's crowning achievement and one of the most popular young-adult tales ever written. If you enjoyed Good Wives, don't miss Alma Junior edition of Little Women. Both books are illustrated by Ella Bailey and contain extra material for young readers including a quiz and test yourself section. Alma Junior Classics series of illustrated classics includes some of the greatest books ever written for younger readers and new translations of unjustly neglected international works. Our aim is to give our list an international feel and offer young readers to opportunity to connect with other cultures and literatures - this applies not only to the titles we chose but also to the illustrators we commission - so that we can bring a bit of novelty into the canon of British children s literature. All children's classics contain extra material for young readers, including a profile of the author, a section on the book, a list of characters, a glossary and a test-yourself quiz.

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